Electrical characteristics

Model MAK-80
Working frequency range, MHz 2-6
Tunable frequency range in kHz 100-200
Working bandwidth without tuning for an VSWR <3 in kHz 15-30
Azimuthal diagram circular
Vertical diagram see picture
Gain,  dB i -19
Allowable power, W 100
Polarization vertical

Mechanical characteristics

Model MAK-80
Dimensions, mm 4000 х1500х500
Antenna weight, kg 10
Connector PL-259

The antenna is designed for use on moving and stationary objects in the shortwave range of 2-6 MHz. The antenna radiator is of a the capacitive type and consists of two handrails made of aluminum pipe, installed horizontally on insulating posts above the metallized roof. With the antenna included is a patch cable, an extension coil and a fixed-trim matching device. Tuning accuracy depends on the physical dimensions of the object, so the presence of a tuning specialist is required during installation.

Antenna diagram of MAC-80 in the vertical plane

Antenna connection diagram